How to apply to Feb. BIRTHDAY AD SUPPORT candidate

2021-01-06 09:04:37

If you want to open a BIRTHDAY AD SUPPORT for the February birthday idol, please leave a comment on the IDOLPICK app 1:1 inquiry.(Menu > Contact Us) If more than 5 applications are received, BIRTHDAY AD SUPPORT voting is opened.

Feb. BIRTHDAY SUPPORT voting will be held for a week starting January 18. For more information, please make sure you refer to 'Menu > Special Vote > Birthday Support' (

[How to apply]
✅title : please include the keyword "February birthday"
✅description : please enter idol's group and name (if don't have a group, list name only)
✅application period : Jan. 6~ Jan. 11 2021 KST
✅application conditions : applicable once per account


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