[NOTICE] Anniversary Vote

2022-07-27 15:58:12

Hello, we are idolpick team.

We are informing you about the monthly anniversary vote.
Please refer to the information below and participate our anniversary vote.

■Recommended conditions
- Please recommend an artist who officially debuted.
- Birthday, debut date, comeback, and other anniversaries are possible.
- Debut anniversary is available on a yearly basis and on a daily basis. (100 days, 1000 days, etc.)
- Debut anniversary is available for solo and unit debut days.
- Anniversaries of artists other than K-pop artists are also available.

■How to proceed with the vote
- We receive recommendations for nominees for the month through Twitter and the app.
- The voting period is 10 days.
- You can use both Dailypick and Starpick.
- Reward is provided according to the pick got within the voting period

■How to proceed with the anniv. ad
- After the vote is over, the submission for the advertisement will be announced through Twitter (@idolpick_vote).
- Submit your ads according to the announcement.
- If more than 2 ad proposals are received for the same artist, the final ad will be selected and advertised according to the internal judgment of idolpick team.
- If there are no submission within the period, the adl will be produced with the idolpick's own ad template.

- Recommended conditions are subject to change later.
- The rewards described the above are subject to changed later.
- The picks used in the vote will not be refunded, so please participate carefully.

If you have additional questions related to the anniv. vote, please contact us through app.
Thank you.

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